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The Gucci Belt: Is It Worth it? Tips & How to Style

As of 2016, Gucci GG Marmont belts have taken over the fashion world. Since the GG belt was first introduced in the late 1970s, it has become one of the most popular fashion accessories in the world.

In my blog, I’ve discussed the gucci belts for women belts. Since it was one of the top five designer belts, I’ve already written about it. Then, I again discussed the GG belt in a separate blog post. Of course, one of my favorite designer belts is the Gucci GG Marmont. It goes with so many different outfits, and I love its adaptability. For this reason, I’ve chosen to put together four different ways to wear the GG belt in this blog article. This guide is for those who want to add this renowned belt to their wardrobe but aren’t sure how to use it.

An additional layer of clothing is required

The GG belt can be dressed up or down with a jacket, and I believe this is one of the best ways to wear it. It doesn’t matter if you own a non-designer jacket; the GG belt would give it a designer feel. The belt is all you need to tighten the blazer. This is an excellent option for a belt storage solution for business and everyday use.

With denim

This most casual of outfits may be elevated by a gucci belts for women. This belt is one of my favorites to wear with jeans. You can wear it with both high-waisted and low-rise jeans and look great.

Wearing a gown

Also, a great option to wear the GGG User is authorized Belt is to put it on your dress. Have you felt as though your outfit was missing a piece? What if the look is overly simple to you? This belt completely transforms any outfit. No matter how many times you’ve worn that dress before, the GG belt would completely transform it. How about the added benefit of making your waistline appear more defined by wearing a belt?

Dressed down with jeans

Every woman’s wardrobe should include a denim skirt. IN MY OPINION, the GG belt and denim skirt are a perfect match for each other. The attire looks very youthful and fresh! ‘ It’s an excellent choice for the warmer months.

As far as Gucci GG Marmont belt clothes go, anything from jeans to skirts, classic blazers, and exquisite gowns are good options for wearing the belt. In other words, if you’re still debating whether or not to get the GG belt, I’d say do it. The possibilities are endless with this item, and I know you’ll put it to good use. Just a heads-up: Gucci stores frequently run out of the GG belt, or if they do, they only have a few sizes left. That’s why I recommend purchasing it online rather than at a store. Gucci’s official website has it. Other respected luxury online merchants are selling the GG Marmont belt.

Trench Coats- What Are The Different Types Available?

Trench coats were used by the military people initially because it was a comfortable option for them. As this was the coat that was made using the durable and the water-resistance material, so it was an excellent option to protect them from the harsh weather. Another reason for their usage by the military people is that it has to belt and a pocket attached that makes it comfortable for the people to wear it.

There are a variety of the trench coats that are available as an option for the people. They have the complete freedom to select the one that they think is as per their requirement. If you want to Get More Info related to the trench coat, then you can visit the official website and gather the detail. Some of the options of the trench coat are as follows:

  • Short trench coats

These are the ones that have the length below the hips to the mid-thigh. This kind of the coat is preferred by the women who are thin and also have small heights. However, if you are fat, then these coats make you look even fatter, so it is advisable to avoid this length of the trench coats if you are thin.

  • Medium trench coats

This is the widely used size of the trench coat that is used by the people. They have, in general, the length upto the knees. These are the excellent option for all types of bodies like extended height, short height, slim or even fat.

  • Full-length trench coat

The third type of trench coat is the full length one. They are generally up to the ankle in length. Generally, it is believed that women who have a significant height must prefer these coats as they make them look more attractive. But this does not mean in any way that the short girls cannot wear these types of coats.

Try to get the coats that are available with the lightweight material as it will help the person in carrying the coat more easily. even the preference is to wear the high waist bottom under these types of coats.

The above mentioned are the various types f the trench coats that are available for the people. If they want to Get More Info, then they have complete freedom of doing so. Once a person has taken the decision to purchase the trench coat, then he must make an analysis related to certain things and then make the final selection:

  • Make sure that you go through the fabric of the coat; try to get the lightweight fabric as they are easy to carry.
  • Even they are available in various styles, select the one that you like the most.
  • The next question arises is about the colour, try to get the colour that a person can wear on all kinds of the occasion. Generally, it is believed that the dark colours are a good option for the winters and the light colours in the summers as they provide a soothing effect.
  • Costing of the coat is another essential thing that will affect the decision of the person.
  • Make an analysis regarding the motive of purchasing the coat as accordingly the selection can be done.

After considering all the above factors, just try to get the coat that is of the best quality and is available at a reasonable rate. If you will make the right decision, then the coat can be used by the person in various seasons and will help the person in both giving protection against the weather and also go with the current trends

How Men’s buy A Perfect Hat for Them?

The bucket hats are a must-have accessory for the winter season. We love to wear them with our favorite boots and jeans, or as part of our casual weekend outfit. They can be worn in any number of ways; you can style them up with your best denim jacket for an edgy look, pair them with your favorite turtleneck, or rock them with your favorite oversize sweater.

It’s never too cold to accessorize, but if you want to make sure that your hat is going to last, there are some things that you should know about wearing bucket hats in the winter months.

1. Choose A Size That Fits Your Face

When it comes to choosing the right size, you need to keep in mind the following two factors: how big your head is compared to the size of your face and what kind of fabric you’re using. If you have a larger head than average, then you probably won’t be able to get away with a small size. And if you’re rocking a knit cap, it may not fit snugly enough around your ears. What you might find is that a medium size will provide a good balance between comfort and coverage. You can always go up a size on your hat if you feel like you don’t fit into it perfectly!

2. Know How To Wear It Right

There are certain ways to wear hats that can completely change the way they look. When we were kids, we had this one friend who wore her bucket hat backwards every time she walked down the street. She looked incredibly cool, but her hat would often fall off. So when you think about wearing a hat, think about which side of your face it’s hanging off of.

And depending on what fabric you’re working with, you may want to consider how much coverage you actually require. There’s no shame in throwing on a wool beanie or a ski cap instead of a full-blown bucket hat. But if you choose to go for the full effect, make sure you do so with the right amount of caution.

3. Keep Your Hair Back

We love bucket hats because that means they offer great coverage without sacrificing style. But what happens if you decide to wear one and you have really long hair? Well, it can easily become tangled up in the brim of your hat, leaving it looking rather messy.

If you’re going to wear a bucket hat, make sure you keep your hair back by pinning it to your scalp using bobby pins. This ensures that nothing gets caught inside the brim while maintaining your style. It also gives you the option to pull out your hair at any given moment, just in case you want to run to the bathroom or grab something from the kitchen.

4. Don’t Forget About Accessories

Of course, wearing a bucket hat doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing your other accessories. Just because you’re putting on your bucket hat doesn’t mean that you need to stop wearing jewelry or shoes. Make sure that whatever you’re wearing has a complementing color palette and style. Otherwise, everything could end up looking mismatched and uncoordinated.

Also, remember to stay warm. You shouldn’t forget that you still need to dress appropriately for the weather outside. You don’t want to leave the house in a hooded sweatshirt and then realize halfway through that you forgot to put on your coat.

5. Clean Your Hat Regularly

If you have selected a chapeau for you then there is one more important thing which you have to do is to clean it regularly. This is important because no one wants that a dirty man sit near with them. So in order to maintain your own supremacy and look it is must for every man to clean their hats and other accessories on regular basis.

A dirty hat isn’t very attractive. Even if you don’t plan on wearing it all day, you may want to take it off at night and wash it in the morning before it wears out. Once it starts getting threadbare, it will start to look less appealing. Plus, you never know when you might encounter those pesky little snowflakes and slush.

You can either store your bucket hat in its original packaging or hang it up on a hook. Whatever method you use, make sure that you’re taking good care of it. You don’t want to buy another one just because yours got ruined after a few months of regular wear and tear.

If you are planning on wearing your bucket hat regularly, then you may want to invest in a storage bag. These bags come in different sizes to accommodate your needs. You can place them in your car, your office, or anywhere else where you’ll be needing to stash your hat. Not only does this ensure that it stays clean and is accessible, but it also allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.

7. Get A Good Quality Bucket

It’s important to note that even though you can spend hundreds of dollars on a quality bucket hat, they are still meant to be worn outdoors. So if you’re going to wear your hat all day, you need to make sure that it’s durable and made out of a material that won’t let water seep in. Also, try to avoid buying ones that are too light since they tend to melt in extreme temperatures. If possible, opt for a slightly heavier weight instead.

And if you’ve decided to splurge on a nice quality bucket, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to spend on the fitting process. It’s easy to make a mistake when it comes to measuring heads, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time.

So whether you’re trying to figure out how to wear a bucket hat in the summer or how to wear a bucket hat in the winter, these seven tips should help you to achieve the perfect look.

What Are The Various Option Of The Gifts Of Car Available For People?

Every car lover has a unique story to tell. Whether it’s the first car they ever drove, or their favorite model from years of driving, there is no better way to show someone you care than with a gift that reflects their passion.

Here are five unique gifts that will make any car enthusiast smile this holiday season.

A Car-Related Book

Car books cover a lot of ground when it comes to cars. There are auto manuals, history and design books, and even coffee table books like Car Crazy. Whether your gift recipient can’t get enough about cars, or just needs a little bit of extra help, these are some great ideas.

This book covers everything from classic cars to hot rods to the newest electric vehicles on the market today. It includes information on the history of automobiles as well as tips on how to keep them in excellent shape.

For more detailed information, we recommend Car Repair Manuals by David P. Burns, which was written specifically for mechanics. Or if you know your recipients love to read, then go with Cars & Coffee Logbooks by Bob Vila, which is packed full of pictures and stories from the author’s many trips to the local coffee shop.

A Car Decal

Some people may not have a car yet, but they do have a dream. A car decal is an inexpensive and fun way to let them express their dreams to other car enthusiasts. These decals come in all shapes and sizes (including ones that fit on your bumper), so you should be able to find one that fits whatever vehicle your loved one owns.

Car decals are also a good conversation piece, especially if they’re something unusual or creative. You can find lots of really cool designs online, including custom artwork created by artists who specialize in car art.

An Old School Radio

If you want to give your friend a radio that broadcasts music rather than static, consider an old school AM/FM radio. They don’t work quite as well as modern radios, but they still provide hours of entertainment at a fraction of what a new radio costs. If your friend likes listening to talk shows, you might consider a shortwave radio instead.

People can plan to purchase the old school radio that is available for people. In the long run the per son will get various benefits. A person can plan to be at Get More Information on denik and get the complete idea. If the concept will be clear in advance the breaching the goals become a easy option.

A Car Magnet Set

If you think magnets are only useful for keeping papers together, then you haven’t tried a magnet set before. The set I recently bought contains 16 different magnets that can be used on almost anything, including cars. They’re small enough to easily store away when they aren’t being used, and they stick firmly to most surfaces.

These magnets can be used in place of sticky notes, too, and they’re perfect for decorating refrigerator doors or office cubicles.

The best part is that each magnet is individually wrapped in plastic, making it easy to organize into themed sets.

A Motorcycle T-Shirt

Motorcycles have become very popular again over the past few years. People love to ride bikes because they offer freedom, speed, and a bit of danger. Motorcycles are often associated with outlaw bikers, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who rides a motorcycle is bad. In fact, many riders are avid sports fans.

There are tons of cool bike shirts available online. Some of them are traditional and sporty, while others are more casual, but they’re all great for those who enjoy riding motorcycles.

If you prefer not to spend money, you could always print out a picture of your loved one riding their motorcycle, sign it, and frame it. That would look pretty sweet hanging up above their bed or desk!

Of course, if you’d rather buy a shirt, here are 5 great styles to choose from.

A Car Hoodie

Hoodies are super popular right now, and they’re great for both men and women. However, if you happen to be shopping for a female gift, then a car hoodie is a great choice. Not only does it feature cool graphics, but it also offers protection from the elements. If you’re looking for a hoodie made out of recycled materials, then check out the Eco-Friendly Hoodie by Earth Friendly Apparel.

You can find plenty of other options online, such as these three great choices:

  • Cars Love Me Hoodie
  • Car Love Hoodie
  • Car Lover Hoodie

Whatever your preferred color or style, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your giftee perfectly.

A Car Phone Case

I mentioned a phone case earlier, but did you notice that I didn’t mention a specific brand? That’s because there are hundreds of great models available online, and you can find cases for virtually every type of cell phone. So, whether you’ve been given an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, BlackBerry, or another smartphone, there’s sure to be a case that works for it.

And if you’re getting a phone for yourself, why not pick up a case that matches your new device?

If you’re looking for a fun option, try these 5 cute options:

  • iPhone Cases
  • Samsung Cases
  • Nokia Cases
  • BlackBerry Cases
  • Smartphone Cases

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a phone case, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits you, your friends, and your budget.

If you want to add a personalized touch to your gift, you can always include a message inside the case. For example, you might write “Happy Holidays” or “Have a safe trip.”

Once you’ve picked out your case, remember to personalize it with stickers, pens, or paint.

What Are The Various Gifting Option A Women Can Give To Her Husband’s?

If you are looking to buy a gift for your husband, this article will surely help you out. This holiday season if he has friends over or even wants to go out, then there are lots of great gifts that can make him happy.

Here are some of the best gifts for your husband that you can buy this year:

1. Gift basket full of essentials

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of our husbands is their love and respect for us. So, it is important to show your appreciation by giving them something that shows how much you care about them. You can choose from various gift baskets that have a variety of items like candy, chocolate truffles, bath salts, coffee beans, or any other small gift that they might enjoy.

2. Handmade jewelry

This is one of the most favorite holiday gifts for men. It is also an excellent way to express your love and affection. There are many different styles of handmade jewelry that a man would find perfect for him this Christmas. The best part is that these pieces of jewelry can be created in just about any style that you want.

3. Personalized gifts for the husband

One of the best ways to show your partner how much you appreciate them is by sending them personalized gifts. If your husband likes sports, then you can get him a personalized jersey or team shirt. If he enjoys video games, then you can get him a customized controller or game console. A lot of times, people don’t know what to get for their partners so they end up buying generic gifts.

You can customize a gift for your partner by adding their name, a special message, and maybe even their favorite sport or hobby. It is a very thoughtful gift because it lets them know that you really put a lot into it and they mean a lot to you.

4. Custom made t-shirts

A lot of guys love to wear custom made t-shirts. They feel like kings when they go to work wearing their favorite shirt. When you order a custom made shirt for your husband, you can also include a nice handwritten note to let him know how much you appreciate everything he does for you. This is the kind of gift that makes him smile all day long.

5. Cooking classes

Cooking classes are a fantastic gift idea for any man who loves to cook. This is especially true if he is someone who loves to entertain. Not only do cooking classes show your spouse how good a chef you are but they also teach them how to make new recipes that they can use at home too. Most men love to try new things and learn how to cook something new for dinner.

6. Nightclub passes

If you live in a city with a lot of night clubs, you should consider getting your husband a pass to one of the hottest clubs in town. These kinds of passes can come in handy for a number of reasons. First, it will let them see the clubs that they might not normally go to. Second, it will allow them to meet new people whom they may never meet otherwise. Finally, they offer the chance to socialize and have fun without having to pay for anything.

7. Wine storage system

Most women who are married to wine lovers are always running around trying to get rid of all of their old wines. This is because they can no longer drink them. Instead, they need to get rid of them. However, they still cannot bring themselves to throw the bottles away, which makes them sad.

Instead of wasting money on expensive wine storage systems, why not give them a simple solution? This is where the wine storage system comes in. It allows them to store their favorite bottles safely in a cool place until they can drink them again.

8. Kitchen tool set

When it comes to cooking, men usually prefer to use more tools than women. This is because they tend to be more rough around the edges and they like to test things out before using them. If your husband is a guy who loves to cook, then you should definitely get him a kitchen tool set. It will let him try out a bunch of different gadgets and appliances to see if they will be useful later on.

9. Digital camera

Digital cameras are now affordable enough to be considered must-have accessories for anyone, including men. Men who take pictures often take photos of their family members and friends, so they are always snapping pictures. This is a great way to keep track of everyone’s faces over time.

10. Video games

Men who live alone often have a hard time keeping entertained. Luckily, there are tons of video games available for purchase that give them something to play while they’re sitting in front of the TV all by themselves. For example, they could get a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and spend hours exploring the world as the main character.

Are you planning to give the new gift to your husband on a special occasion? These 10 items should be able to provide your husband with a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a gift. They will be able to find something to suit almost every personality and lifestyle.

10 Ways To Fight Rising Food Costs

The cost of pretty much everything is going up these days, and though you can scale back on the non-essentials, you still need basics like, oh, say, food. Along with and partially due to gas prices, food prices have been steadily rising and will likely continue to go up, so unless you’ve learned how to grow a Money Tree, you may want to alter the way you shop. Here are some common and some not-so-common tips that can help you save some big dollars in a little time.

Shop with a Calculator

If you’re trying to stick to a budget at the grocery, calculating costs in your head might work for the first few items, but as your shopping cart fills up, you’ll eventually just start guesstimating at your total and likely end up over-budget. Bring a calculator, a shopping list and a notepad and keep track of everything you’re going to purchase. Remember to factor in discounts and applicable taxes and there should be few surprises at the check-out line. For you smartphone fanatics, try using a grocery list app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones to help keep you organized and even help you find grocery coupons on-the-fly!

Try Extreme Couponing

If you’ve never heard of it, extreme couponing is when a deft coupon hunter takes advantage of a number of factors (double coupon days, buy one get one free, buying in bulk, etc.) to buy hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of groceries while only paying pennies on the dollar after coupons are accounted for. There are many different levels of extreme couponing, and you don’t have to be a reality show-level pro to save some serious cash. Learning all the little tricks of the trade may seem overwhelming, but there are countless websites and blogs on the Internet that offer assistance. Our own Printable Coupons section is a great place to start!

Buy in Bulk

Wholesale stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s sell pretty much everything, and most often they sell in bulk and at a deep discount. Consider joining a wholesale club and take advantage of their great savings on food. Just remember not to overbuy, even though the deals are tempting, and be mindful of expiration dates–you don’t want to waste money on food you won’t get around to eating. If you’ve got the freezer space, consider vacuum-sealing and freezing any freezer-friendly extras you might buy.

Start a Buying Club

Another great way to get food at wholesale prices is to start a buying club with your friends, neighbors, family or even coworkers. Several people can get together and form a group that is able to buy directly from wholesale food companies, such as the companies that sell food to restaurants. There’s a bit more work involved, but the rewards are phenomenal!

Cook From Scratch

Sure it’s easier to go to a restaurant or toss a prepared meal in the microwave, but you end up paying so much more for that convenience. Preparing food yourself saves a bundle and also yields much more food per dollar. If you’re a cooking newbie, pick up a basic cook book or enroll in a cooking class! Kitchen stores like Chef Central and Central Market–and even supermarkets like Whole Foods–sometimes hold cooking classes for cheap or even free.

Try Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking is a great way to save both money and time by cooking in bulk. This is especially great if you’re not fond of cooking everyday and it’s also a fantastic social activity you can do with your friends. Buy food in bulk, and then prepare two weeks’ or even two months’ worth of meals, properly freeze them, and then BAM! Pop one of your pre-prepped meals in the oven or microwave for your own instant, homemade dinner.

Join a Co-Op

Shopping at a food co-op is a great way to save money and support local farmers, and by joining and/or volunteering you’re eligible for even more discounts. Being a member also allows you to contribute to and have a say in the business. Find out if there’s a co-op near you and get to saving!

Shop Strategically

Items in your grocery store aren’t laid out all willy-nilly; stores are specially designed to make you spend the most money possible. Generally, higher priced items are placed at eye-level to entice you, so remember to look up and bend down to find the best deals. Also, be mindful of end-cap and special product stands. They’re designed to look like there’s a discount, but that isn’t always the case. Ooh, and don’t forget to check the “Specials” aisle for seasonal and clearance deals!

Buy Locally & In-Season

It’s nice that we’re able to have fancy fruits and vegetables from all over the world year round, but transporting fresh bananas from South America and shrimp from the Philippines makes those products more expensive. Buy your favorite foods from local sources when they are in season, then freeze or preserve them for the months ahead. It’s much cheaper and you’ll likely have less wasted food! (For even more preservation methods, try canning at home.)

Grow Your Own Groceries

A great way to save money and become more self-sufficient (AND reduce your carbon footprint) is to grow your own veggies, fruits and herbs. Find out what the best plants are for your area and how to tend to them, and then get to planting! If you live in an apartment or urban area, don’t despair. There are many different ways to grow in the space you have, so do a little research and get creative!

10 Ways To Save Money With Social Media

With all the money you’re spending just to be connected to the rest of the world — computer, smartphone, Internet service bills — it’s about time it pays you back, right? Well it can! Social media has evolved from a just a way to connect with friends on Facebook to an expansive network of people, companies, stores and more. Here are 10 ways it pays to save by using social media.

Follow Retailers

Rather than plastering circulars with coupons hoping for business, a growing number of retailers are turning to social media to connect with the shoppers who’ve shown interest in their brand. More and more companies are offering coupons and deals on sites like Facebook and Twitter, so by ‘liking’ or following them, you can snatch up those savings! Just do a search on either site for your favorite companies and “like” their Facebook page or follow their Twitter account to keep up with their latest offers.

Check-in with Foursquare

If you’ve already got a smartphone, you can start racking up the savings by checking in on Foursquare! What started off as a way of letting your friends (and potential stalkers) know where you are has now become a way for businesses to reward their loyal customers. Many companies offer savings for checking in at their location at a certain time or by sending you a coupon when you become the ‘mayor’.

Join a Shopping Community

Since you’re likely already spending time on Facebook, it makes sense to casually follow your favorite brands, but it you’re looking for a deal-intensive experience, join up with a shopping-focused community! Sites like allow users to get together socially and compare prices, review products, upload and find coupons and deals, and even earn rewards points. It’s a great way to be more active in your search for savings, and you might even make a few friends.

Find Deals on Twitter

If you don’t want to follow every brand you’re a fan of in order to get deals, there are twitter accounts solely dedicated to hooking you up with savings! Accounts like @JoeHotDeals, @Groupon and @AmazonDeals tweet nothing but great coupons and discounts. If you don’t want to miss a single deal, make a Twitter list containing your favorite coupon accounts, check it daily, and you’ll save a ton!

Check Coupon Blogs

If Twitter isn’t your thing, you can still find great deals on good ol’ fashioned blogs. Besides regularly checking the JoeShopping Blog (You do check it daily, right?), sites like Krazy Coupon Lady, Budget Savvy Diva and Rather-Be-Shopping give you coupons and discounts for online and brick-and-mortar shopping. And if you don’t want to check a million websites everyday, you can create an RSS feed filled with your favorite money-saving sites!

Air Your Grievances

Another handy thing about social media is that it’s now much easier to get the attention of brands and retailers. If you’ve had a bad experience with a store or product, and you post your dissatisfaction to a social network like Twitter or Facebook, there’s a chance the company will respond with a coupon or discount, or at least an apology. It’s the modern equivalent of writing a letter to the manufacturer. It doesn’t always work, but it also doesn’t hurt to try.

Swap Your Stuff

In addition to using social media to find discounts and coupons, you can also find totally free stuff! In exchange for YOUR stuff, that is. Most swapping sites — like and Title Trader — are focused on books, cds, dvds and games, but there are also swapping sites for baby stuff, electronics, and even make-up! It’s a great way to simultaneously get rid of unwanted items and gain what you really need.

Monitor Your Spending

Want to keep track of what you’re spending? There’s an app for that. No really, it’s called Tweet What You Spend, and it allows you to enter your purchases from your mobile phone, and then it keeps a journal of your spending habits. There’s even a “Wall of Shame” feature where you can drag and drop purchases you’re not so proud of. By seeing your spending laid out, you can figure out where to cut and how to save.

Set Up a Donation Fund

Nowadays it’s almost safer to spend your money on the Internet than to drop a check in the mail, and that’s something you can take advantage of. Sites like Green Note and HoneyFund allow you to set up funds for your kid’s college education or your upcoming honeymoon that your friends and family (and even strangers) can contribute to. With a physical check, there’s pressure to make it a bigger amount, but with an online fund, you could get a lot more micro-donations you might not have gotten otherwise.

Create Your Own Group

Even though there are countless social media sites that can help you save, it’s likely that the best resource you have are your closest friends and family. Start your own savings group on Facebook or Yahoo and invite everyone you know to join. Everyone can look for different types of deals and then share with the rest of the group! And that’s when you’re truly getting social with your savings.

10 Great Ways To Save Money On Traveling

Let’s face it, traveling costs a lot of money. In a down economy often the first thing to get cut in a family’s budget is vacation. Vacations do not have to become an elusive dream. They simply require wiser research, planning and shopping smarts. Here are 10 ways to save money on traveling:

1. Purchase airline tickets on Tuesdays 

You can really get the cheapest flights depending on when you purchase your tickets. Shop on Tuesday late at night, as many airlines post special sales on that day and late at night.

2. Don’t fly on the weekend

Fly during the week instead of on the weekend. It costs more to fly on the weekend. The weekdays are less busy, with more options for flights and seating if you choose a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

3. Just drive

If your destination is within a day’s drive, then drive. This will save money on car rental and airfare. Gas is pricey but the cost of airfare for a family of four is a whole lot more.

4. Hotel loyalty

If you have a preferred card for a hotel chain, plan to save those points up for your next vacation. This may mean you are planning a year in advance, so start using that credit card for purchases now so you can accumulate points towards your future hotel stay.

5. Hotel specials

There are a number of online websites that help save you money on hotel stays with specials and hotel deals like or Be sure to frequent them, if you do not have a hotel preferred card. Also look for coupons, Hotwire coupon codes and coupons for Priceline.

6. Buy groceries

If you are driving, bring a crockpot and buy your own groceries instead of eating out all the time. Even if you are flying, make sure to choose a hotel that has a kitchenette so you can prepare convenient meals in your room.

7. Choose a hotel with a complimentary breakfast

Many hotel chains offer a free breakfast and that will save you several meals for the week or two you are on vacation. Some are just a light continental food, while others offer full hot buffets.

8. Choose a hotel with indoor and outdoor pools

If you and your family are fans of swimming, pools offer onsite recreation and relaxation – at no cost! There is no extra driving involved either. Sometimes it’s just nice to stay put and pools can entertain the swimmers in your family for hours, while you sit back and read a good book. After all, vacations are all about relaxing and taking it easy, right?

9. Sightseeing

When planning your sightseeing activities, look for free events first, especially for the kids. There are many historical museums that are free or charge minimal admission fees.

10. Online Coupons and Deals

Many businesses offer tourists discounts in the form of online coupons and deals. For instance, many will partner with a couple of other businesses to offer families a discounted rate for visiting all three places.

In order to take advantage of the greatest savings possible, plan, plan and plan some more. Research the place you are visiting, find out area attractions and research them out individually to find out what special deals and coupons they have to offer before deciding on your individual activities. Intentionally plan around those deals.

With proper planning, implementing these 10 ways will save you money on future traveling. There’s no reason why your next vacation should be postponed. Plan, prepare, book, and enjoy!

Spend Some Time Pampering Yourself This Valentines Day

Today is the day: Happy Valentine’s Day! My favorite color is pink, so any holiday that revolves around it is one that leaves me feeling pretty giddy inside. Plus, all the hearts, chocolate and candy everywhere put me in a good mood, too. We usually celebrate by going out to dinner, but this year we are staying in and cooking a “pink and red” dinner.

I know that some people say it’s silly to have one certain day to celebrate love, but I really don’t see anything wrong with making your love, family and friends feel special. We should really strive to do that every single day.

Whether you are going out tonight, staying in, celebrating with your significant other or spending it with your best friends, I hope that you will take a little time to love on someone else that is equally important: yourself! A little extra love and care can work wonders on our bodies and minds. We all deserve it.

I’ve come up with a few ways to pamper yourself tonight (or sometime this week). Do these to get ready for your big date or even the next day to wind down and relax. Share these ideas with your significant other or your friends to make them even more fun.

Take a bubble bath – $6.99

There really is nothing better than taking a hot bubble bath. It’s the perfect way to wind down and relax your body. A hot bath is known to release muscle tension, as well as soothe tired, aching feet. I like to turn on some music and light a few candles when I take a bath to set the mood. There are so many fun scented bubble baths, too, so be sure to experiment. One of my favorites smells like funnel cake. Yum!

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Paint your nails – $5.97

There is something about fresh painted nails that just makes me feel good. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, hot pink or red are great color choices. I tend to always have my nails painted pink. One of my favorite “trendy” colors right now is gray. Try it. I promise it looks amazing! Add a sparkly topcoat for a little extra sass.

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Soothe your feet – $19.99

My mother in law just gave me one of these foot spas for Christmas and I have made very good use out of it. I’m on my feet all day at work and they definitely need some TLC every now and then. It’s a little like taking a bath and getting a foot massage at the same time. That sounds perfect, right? Be sure to get a good foot lotion to rub on after for extra moisture. Men can enjoy this, too! My husband enjoyed it, although he would probably not admit to that. : )

Try a facial – $7.14

I did my first at-home facial about two years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Burt’s Bees is one of my favorite brands (for anything) because it works and it never bothers my super sensitive skin. A facial rejuvenates tired skin and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed. Try a chocolate facial mask for only $1.99. That’s the next one on my list to buy!

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Curl up with a good book – $3.55

This one is a little more about pampering your mind. I love to read, but so often I find myself turning on the tv instead. Make it a point to spend some time with a favorite author. A book can stimulate your brain and increase your creativity, all while helping you escape to a fantasy world for a little while. Light a few candles to really set the pampering mood. Head to your local library and score some great reads for free while you’re at it!

Sometimes we get so busy with work and life that we forget to take time to take care of ourselves. I hope this list encourages you to do a few special things for yourself this week. We all deserve to be pampered a little bit every now and then. Even the simplest things can restore and rejuvenate us.

While you’re at it, you can even use a few of these ideas for Valentine’s Day for your significant other (hint-hint: guys!). Women definitely love to feel special.

Star Wars Fashion May The Force Be With Your Clothes

George Lucas’ epic Star Wars series is back on the big screen where it belongs! This weekend sees the release of Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 3-D and chances are, whether you’re still getting over the whole Jar Jar thing or you’re boycotting 3-D movies in general… your kids will still drag you into the theaters to see it.

But you can’t be caught wearing any old jeans and a sweatshirt, now can you? The fashion police would toss you in the Rancor’s Pit before you finished buttering your popcorn! So what’s a Jedi Master to wear to a Star Wars screening? Glad you asked! We’ve compiled a list of the hottest Star Wars fashion picks around. From a Jedi bath robe to TIE fighter cufflinks, we’ve included choices suitable for Jedi Knights and young apprentices alike.

Jedi Bath Robe

$89.99 at

After a long day of fending off Stormtroopers, kick back and relax in your very own Jedi robe. Made from soft cotton terrycloth, this officially licensed bathrobe is one-size-fits-all. Also available in Sith.

Star Wars Baby Sleep Set

$12.00 (reg. $16.94) at

He may be a little short for a stormtrooper, but this Darth Vader Sleep Set for baby is the perfect fit. Available in sizes from 12 months to 4T, the set comes with a long sleeve rib-knit top and coordinating fleece sleep pants. Available exclusively at Old Navy/

Stride Rite Kid’s Star Wars Slip-On Sneaker

$34.99 (reg. $37.95) at

Young padawans will love these comfy canvas sneakers, which come checkered with black and white graphics featuring images from the movies. They ship via hyperdrive, too (fast, free 2-day shipping!)

Star Wars Chewbacca Furry Zip Hoodie

$69.50-$71.50 at

We could never quite understand a word Chewie was saying, but there’s no question this Chewbacca hoodie screams cool. Don’t worry, no Wookies were harmed in the making of this hoodie (it’s made with faux fur.) Sold exclusively online.

Robeez Star Wars Yoda Infant Slippers

$30.95 at

Comfy, your baby’s feet will be. These baby booties feature soft, non-slip leather soles and an elastic ankle band. Infant sizes 1-3.

Star Wars Expressions of Vader Men’s T-Shirt

$17.99-$19.99 (Was $26.99) at

When it comes to expressing emotions, you could say Darth Vader is a one-trick pony. This men’s t-shirt is made entirely from cotton and comes with free shipping when you spend $25 or more (or use your Prime membership!) at Amazon.

Star Wars TIE Starfighter Blueprint Cufflinks

$59.95 (reg. $89.95) at

Tie your sleeves down with these Tie Fighter Cufflinks. They’re made from rhodium plated base metal and enamel and includes a limited edition collector’s storage box.

Star Wars Rebel Kiss Junior Womens T-Shirt

$23.99 at

Love this t-shirt? We know. Relive the famous kiss from the movies with this Rebel Kiss t-shirt. The image features a lip-locking Princess Leia and Hans Solo and comes distressed for a neat, retro look. 100% cotton, 200% awesome.

LEGO Star Wars Boys’ Swim Trunks

$18.00 (reg. $24.00) at

Vacationing in Kamino? These board shorts are perfect for swimming in oceans (or pools!) They include mesh lining, a drawstring waistband, and are designed to reduce UV ray exposure.

Star Wars Darth Vader Too Epic To Fail T-Shirt

$19.50 – $23.50 at

Oh, Vader. This men’s t-shirt is available in sizes XS – 3X and is included in’s Buy 1, Get 1 50% off sale.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Tell us in the comments below